Julio Cortázar’s Hopscotch is a post-modern, stream-of-conscious, choose your own adventure novel. Its loaded with meta text, extended allegories, and language experiments that, at once, are beautiful and frustrating.


An unconventional book demands unconventional advice:

  • The book is difficult because it has been written and structured to resist understanding.
  • The book is difficult because the reader resists understanding the book.
  • The book is difficult because the book resists understanding the reader.
    -Difficulty resists readers because books are.
  • Your baggage informs the reading
  • When your baggage informs the reading, you are reminded that your baggage informs everything
  • Don’t read it
  • With the right mindset and effort, everything is valuable
  • Expectations will weigh you down
  • Most books set up expectations then fulfill them. This book sets up expectations then sends them into a black hole.
  • Read it
  • If your neural pathways have already hardened, if you’ve already accepted a fraudulent order to reality, this will be more painful.
  • Don’t read it.
  • Tension and release are the foundations of jazz. What if you could produce both with a single note? That’s what this book is.
  • The choice is yours, but there are consequences.
  • Read it
  • It bifurcates, intentionally and unintentionally, pulls asunder, under, drags up from the recesses of time, plops back down in a land of coffee, mate, and the inebriated ramblings of pseudo intellectuals. Or maybe you, dear reader, are the inebriated one.

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